Saturday, 9 October 2010

New comics

Some people may already know that I have a few... obsessions. One of longest of which is comics. Pretty much as soon as I could hold one, I have been seen reading a comic. I love, Love, LOVE them. And for my birthday I was blessed with a few of them.

First off, My Love and her family got me the whole Scott Pilgrim series. Scott Pilgrim has been something I have been avoiding since about 2007-ish. Not because it was bad, but because I simply could not afford to be slavishly addicted to another series of books. I have too many to catch up on. Picking up a copy four years ago, I quickly had to put it down again, shaking my head at how I was almost hooked first time and vowing to come back to it at another time.

I saw the film with My Love and proceeded to have the top of my head blown off with the sheer awesomeness of Edgar Wright's vision. Mr Wright is just such a cool director.

Anyway, My Love says in the run up to my birthday I am not allowed to buy myself anything as I may balls up any "surprises". So, I restrained myself from buying anything (sometimes with her help in the form of her actually taking things out of my hand and putting them back on the shelves).

Good job, too, as I got these babies:


Also from my Wish List, I got the new Valérian by the legendary Jean-Claude Mézières & Pierre Christin book, published by 9th Cinebook, who are now publishing the time travelling series in English. The last to attempt it was iBooks (not Apple) in 2004. Valérian doesn't have a brilliant English-language publishing history, but they are so AWESOME! Over the years, scenes and design elements in Star Wars, Avatar, and even the taxi scene in The Fifth Element, have been based on these guys' work. I am not kidding, these books are where a lot of cool Sci Fi has got its ideas.

Here's a picture of The City of Shifting Waters:


Lastly, I got my birthday present to myself: book six of Empowered by Adam Warren. Adam Warren is almost single-handedly responsible for popularising the Manga style of drawing in the USA. If I am honest, Empowered Vol. 1 is the reason I didn't pick up Scott Pilgrim. Sad but true.

Here's the book:




Emm@ said...

You can't spell and your grammar is awful.

©amellia Melli Pops said...

I love you Emma! I also didn't realise that Scott Pilgrim films started as comics. I think I am going to have to look into this more as it seems I like the films that are based on these web pressed products :)