Monday, 8 November 2010

Geek Times

Right! I was meant to update a few weeks ago but I have been ill and had to work and, you know, life and shiz.

Anyway, a few weeks ago was the British International Comics show or BICS. Suffice it to say but I didn't go as I have just got married and cash is a bit tight. So I can't blog about going or how cool it was or tell you about any cool panels I didn't see. However, The awesome Geek Syndicate have pretty much got it covered, so I would highly recommend any of their pod casts for all things BICS related or in fact any thing cool and Geek.


The other reason I didn't go to BICS was that I was doing something else at least as geeky. I went to Geek Fest which is an AWESOME lan party. It is in a secret location somewhere in London, were only the most 7eet gamers gather a few times a year to be gladiators in the most herculean battles ever seen in the Multiverse.

OK, OK so its a bunch of mostly guys who get together to play computer games, But it is so much FUN!

Here' a Picture of the 'battle field'

Here's a slightly more dynamic picture with the awesome Mags in the foreground

We also had curry provided by Leigh (not a girl) and (I think) John. Thanks guys.

The view of the computer I was using, from which I got my arse handed to me all day conquered all who came before me, while playing MW2.

A great day and worth missing BICS for. A great bunch of guys to put a cap in the ass of get slapped like a bi-atch by spend the day playing computer games with.

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