Saturday, 31 January 2009

I love London sometimes...

Just got on to a Tube and witnessed a proper Geezah having a "chat"
with a bunch of drunk lads. Apparently one of the drunk lads was being
mildly abusive to a (possibly) Gay couple. And as he was in a
group of lads this would seem quite intimidating.
Any way, I got the
gist of this because when I got on this 'Geezah' was pointing out
quite calmly and relativity quietly (and this is in my experience the
most incredibly DANGEROUS point with this kind of chap) that the
abusive lad was enjoying "being a bully" and that "this is London, who
the fuck cares if the couple are Gay? They ain't bovvahin' any one. E'
just sitting there mindin' 'is bizniz. Why are you bovvahin' 'im?".

This kind of thing kind of makes me slightly proud to be a Londoner,
English and British. Not all of the proper 'Geezahs' are sexist,
racest homophobes and live up to the semi romantic ideal about the
'yeomen of England' are a decent sort who believe in fairness and that
proper 'blokes' don't pass by when they see people being abused for
anything be it Race or indeed sexuality.
And as the 'Geezah' said
"what you thought was you could get away with abusing them because you
thought you could bully and intimidate them cause you're with your
mates. Well, I am standing here telling you I am NOT afraid of you. OR
your fuckin' mates, alright?".

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I am again stricken with the lurgy (what the Americans call
"cooties"). Three days in bed so far most of my time spent sleeping. I
am hoping it will stay off my chest. My head throbs and my joints
ache. And I cannot even type this on my computer and so I blog from my
nest like bed.

Bah! I am so befuddled I just spent 20 minutes attempting to type my
blog entry in to the title field of the email and couldnt work out why
I was running out of space so fast.

Sod it! I am going back to sleep.

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Saturday, 3 January 2009

First blog

After an amazing holiday season with the girlf. I was on my way to work early this morning (yes thats right my first day of work in 2009 is a Saturday) when as an alternative to being miserable I decided to try and see if I could get my smart phone doing some of the cool stuff it is supposed to be able to do, up and working. I have had a few attempts to do this before and have down loaded a few bits and bops to my phone and signed up to a few things online. But doing so was what is technically know as a "ball ache" I kind of stopped part way through as my enthusiasm started being sapped. This morning however, as I had already done the hard part, it was easy pesy.

The first thing I got working and understanding was my phones ability to steam internet radio. I got started on this because I was approached a couple of months ago by a chap I know at work who is a DJ. He asked me about streaming stuff on to my phone from the Internet such as Internet radio.

As I was pretty ignorant of "the how" to but knew in theory that my phone could do it, as I had intended to do all this jiggery pokery when I got the phone but had not found the time. I started to research it in my next few Saturday lunch times. And as my work Internet is limited I did my research on my phone.

This is the point it all went ball achey.

The phone I have is the bog standard N95 on contract with a monthly unlimited web data bundle er thing. This means I can surf the net all I want. Down load what I want. Stream what I want on a fixed monthly charge (I thing just under £8). Which is really useful as I have wanted to arse bout on line with a phone since Wap.

But anyway, researching online with an N95 can be a pain as you tend to have to make every thing HTML as it bitches about anything Flash and the bog standard has less RAM then teh N95 8Gb version (which I think has twice teh RAM). But! I eventually found on the Nokia web site two free down loads for my phone one was an Internet radio player I think its really a plug in for the N87 or some thing but works on the N95. Yay. The other programme is Pod casting (which I have yet to work out).

So anyways, this morning I finally got the Internet radio player working and now am listening to Internet radio station NSB via my phone. My advice to anyone doing the same is this: take your charger with you where ever you go. doing anything online will kane your battery real fast. I ended up changing trains on my journey to work and had to plug my phone in to the waiting room sockets and similarly had to do the same on the train. getting strange looks from passers by as i did so.

The other thing I did was set up a link from my GMail to Blogger which I used to write the first half of this blog (as my finger slipped I ended up sending half the blog before I finished and am now finishing it in the online edit thing on the web site proper). My next thing is linking Flickr to blogger and my mobile phone then its all good for full on random blogging. Ah YEAH!

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