Friday, 8 October 2010

Some interesting things

First new post in quite some time. And the first of many I hope. :S

So where to start?

It was my birthday recently and my lovely family, both old and new, contributed to me getting a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Medium. "What is a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Medium"? I hear you ask?

It's one of these:


This is one of the final components for me "doing more arty stuff" that I have been getting together over the last couple of years. I immediate drew a thank you self portrait using my Wacom in Photoshop, using layers and proper techniques and stuff, as advised by My Love, as she is a professional illustrator and knows what is what in Photoshop.

Here's the picture.

Thank you

Pretty basic and cartoony, but once I got going the whole thing just seemed to flow.

My birthday was sadly not all fun and games due to me getting something called vestibular therapy.

Why did I have vestibular therapy?

Well, about mid July I started feeling sick and then dizzy pretty constantly, like being horribly drunk without all the fun of getting drunk. The Doctor stated I had Labyrinthitis and should take it easy for a bit as it generally only lasts a couple of weeks max. and dually gave me some car sickness pills. Over the next month the Doctor kept apologising to me as she had never seen a case last for so long.

And after the constant symptoms subsided I was left with mild tinnitus, prolonged dizzy spells with a feeling that I can only describe as unpleasantly like being on drugs. During these episodes I tend to feel like throwing up and fall over, have panic attacks and an almost constant wobble.


Still I did manage to successfully tag over 9000 MP3's during that month, so mustn't grumble too much.

Anyway, I had vestibular therapy on my birthday, this consisted of a hearing test and then the specialist dropping me backward 3 or 4 times.

This last procedure has now left me with mild tinnitus, prolonged dizzy spells with a feeling that I can only describe as unpleasantly like being on slightly different drugs. Now, during these episodes I tend to actually throw up, fall over, have panic attacks and have a less constant wobble.


Still, been off work this last week due to the throwing up, which today has afforded me the time to play with Google Sketchup. In part inspired by
the talented Kev Lev's recent blog.

A couple of years ago, on a forum I used to go on, there was a discussion about Judge Dredd's gun, The Lawgiver. And based on that discussion and pictures posted there in, using PC Paint I made the following picture


It has both the Mk. I and my own version of the Mk. II. I have spent the afternoon arsing about with Google Sketchup with the following results.





Not finished but not a bad start. I have never used a 3D programme before but Sketchup is an awesomely easy programme to learn with loads of online help. Plus, the basic package is free. Anyway, thats it for now.


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