Saturday, 31 January 2009

I love London sometimes...

Just got on to a Tube and witnessed a proper Geezah having a "chat"
with a bunch of drunk lads. Apparently one of the drunk lads was being
mildly abusive to a (possibly) Gay couple. And as he was in a
group of lads this would seem quite intimidating.
Any way, I got the
gist of this because when I got on this 'Geezah' was pointing out
quite calmly and relativity quietly (and this is in my experience the
most incredibly DANGEROUS point with this kind of chap) that the
abusive lad was enjoying "being a bully" and that "this is London, who
the fuck cares if the couple are Gay? They ain't bovvahin' any one. E'
just sitting there mindin' 'is bizniz. Why are you bovvahin' 'im?".

This kind of thing kind of makes me slightly proud to be a Londoner,
English and British. Not all of the proper 'Geezahs' are sexist,
racest homophobes and live up to the semi romantic ideal about the
'yeomen of England' are a decent sort who believe in fairness and that
proper 'blokes' don't pass by when they see people being abused for
anything be it Race or indeed sexuality.
And as the 'Geezah' said
"what you thought was you could get away with abusing them because you
thought you could bully and intimidate them cause you're with your
mates. Well, I am standing here telling you I am NOT afraid of you. OR
your fuckin' mates, alright?".

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